Who is Haché Kloet Consulting? 

We are Nico Haché and Shannon Kloet.  Our company was formed after spending the last 5 years shaping the Canadian cannabis industry through our work at Cannabis Compliance Inc. (CCI) and subsequently Deloitte.  We bring decades of experience from both the horticulture and education/training sectors and recognize that there is still much work to be done in the space to assist companies in achieving financial success by implementing leading practices.

We have seen over 150 horticulture operations utilizing various technologies, automation, crop and production processes.  We have designed and supported the development of over 225 cannabis facilities in Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and Central and South America including both the design and implementation of the first three-tiered vertical system for cannabis which is currently being used at one of the largest Canadian cannabis producers.

Together we have built world-class training programs to support the cannabis sector including a partnership with Guelph University.  Our training has extended to include government agencies as well as Board executives.

Our combined experience has provided us with a unique perspective and insight into this industry and we are passionate about bringing what we have learned to our clients.  We are committed to your success.

Our Proven Success

Nico Haché, Co-Founder 

After receiving a diploma in Greenhouse and Nursery Production, Nico gained significant experience in the commercial horticulture industry across Canada. His initial years of working in vegetable, flower and shrub propagation eventually lead Nico to a position as head Horticulturist at JD Irving Ltd., one of North America’s largest forest seedling companies with an annual production of 24 million seedlings. Over the past 8 years, Nico has helped pioneer the legalized cannabis industry. As Director of Operations for Organigram during its start-up phase, Nico designed and implemented planting, production and security protocols for Canada’s largest vertical cannabis producer. Subsequently he joined Canada’s foremost cannabis regulatory consulting firm,, Cannabis Compliance Inc., as Director of Cultivation and Security Services, a role which he continued to play at Deloitte’s Center for Cannabis.



With 2 decades of horticulture experience, Nico has been involved in many process improvement initiatives saving on operational costs, increasing plant heath, yields and survival rates, labour reductions and infrastructure and equipment improvements including automation, environmental control optimization, irrigation management and lean manufacturing.

Shannon Kloet, Co-Founder 

Shannon has been developing educational and competency-based training programs for the cannabis industry in Canada since 2015. She had a major role in the design and implementation of Canada’s first university course focusing on the management of medical cannabis production under the MMPR. Using leading edge online technologies along with proven Competency-Based Training methodologies to design and develop programs, she has implemented training both face-to-face and online for thousands of clients in Canada and internationally. She has been Director of Training at Cannabis Compliance Inc. (CCI), Canada’s foremost cannabis regulatory consulting firm and then with Deloitte’s Center for Cannabis. Shannon holds an MEd from Simon Fraser University.


With 3 decades of experience in education and training, including 7 years specifically in the cannabis sector, Shannon has the unique position of being at the forefront of this industry as it has evolved and has seen first-hand how developing people and instilling competence in leading practices not only mitigates risk but propels clients to success.


Cultivation Operational Assessment

Onsite assessment of people, processes and plants to determine key areas of improvement focusing on production efficiency, consistency, predictability and reduction of overall costs.

Operation Optimizations

We will work with your team to implement the proposed solutions either independently or by training or mentoring your staff 

We strongly believe that we can add value to your operation and look forward to helping your team achieve further success by providing support and resources to refine processes and reduce costs.

Training & Education

We have developed 100’s of training and education modules using leading edge online technologies along with proven Competency-Based Training methodologies.  We have designed and develop programs to support both face-to-face and online delivery to thousands of clients in Canada and internationally.


Given our broad experience in the space, we are able to offer our clients strategic direction with respect to new markets, growth and expansion of their current footprint as well as strategic alliances.

Nico Hache



Shannon Kloet